Fundraising Tips

Always keep safety the top priority of every fundraising campaign.

Make sure your participants know and follow these safety practices:

  - Always sell in the company of others- use the buddy system or with parental


  - Never enter someone’s home.

  - Never carry large amounts of cash.

  - Sell to people you know first- friends, family and neighbors.

  - Know why your organization is fundraising and tell people why when you ask

     them for their support.

  - Be proud of your organization.

  - Protect chocolate from heat.

  - Be cheerful, courteous and smile.

  - Always thank people whether they buy or not.

  - Turn in your money on time.

  - Have fun!


Promote Your Event

Promote the campaign in your community with printed signs posted around the neighborhood and in grocery stores. For a larger campaign, try to solicit free advertising in newspapers, radio or TV. Purchase an ad in the community newspaper, or post an announcement in your church bulletin.


Collect the Money

Set a deadline and communicate it to all participants. Have the money returned to the person responsible for collecting the money by the deadline.


Fun & Recognition

Fundraising can be an educational and rewarding experience for everyone. Communicate the goals and the results of your campaign. Your participants will feel the pride of accomplishing the goals through teamwork! Recognize everyone who participates and acknowledge exceptional individual efforts.





Success Manual

Fun Services works hard to make your program both successful and simple.  Please download and view our informative Success Manual for lots of fundraising program details, tips and suggestions; and view the videos below to learn how to confirm programming and pack and unpack the cash register.  If you need additional information or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.












CALL US: 1 (919) 556-4030

CALL US: 1 (919) 556-4030

CALL US: 1 (919) 556-4030

CALL US: 1 (919) 556-4030